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Thomas Kincaid- His story through an artists eyes.

Over 500 years ago the first golfer to describe the swing in detail stood on the links of Leith in Scotland and hit his first golfball

The Ryder cup matches- art and photography series.

1929 The next match, the Brits win the match for the first time

A series of sketches, paintings, photography and film that covers part of the great history of the Ryder Cup. Like the Open series it will slowly evolve with each month.

From the humble beginnings of a few Pro`s being brought together by benefactor Samuel Ryder to the current huge worldwide event the Ryder Cup has become.


Part 3 The African/American story

Featuring the amateurs who supported the black players trying to find a way in making a breakthrough on the PGA Tour and the law-abiding citizens just trying to be allowed to play on a golf course.

A long hard fight that is still not finished

Amateur tournaments

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