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The Swing through time
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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing - Either we start with our muscles relaxed, with gentle alertness at the start, which allows a collection of power from swinging arms against tightening body to reach the top, and then unhurriedly reverts the process, continuing the flow and circle past the ball until all energy dissipates into a final crash, with the actor remaining in the driving seat - or we don't.

The same goes for an artist. Either the brush lies submissively in the hand, making wonderful marks on the surface of the canvas or paper while building up a vibrant new visual story; or the brush fibers stutter and resist the uncertain strokes, creating an embarrassment instead of making a beautiful statement. 

Concrete Wall
SHop Screenprints

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As a member of my site you will have access to a growing library of material from the past and near-present which has not been openly available until now; including articles, ebooks, and education topics.

Much of the material from the past is provided by Horton Smith award winner Irv Schloss U.S.A, and renowned international coach Bernard Cooke of Great Britain, whose collections I inherited many years ago.

You will be kept up to date and informed of any new material to be uploaded on this site, like the current work done on Moe Norman, Lithographs, Screenprints, swing sketch analysis, etchings.

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