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Golf art


Because the process can recreate the softest and most subtle of tone on one stone I find Lithography to be the most rewarding of all the print methods. 

Beginning life as a cheap method of printing theatrical works, Alois Senefelder invented the demanding process in 1796. Anybody working with the medium by hand today will work on stone (or steel plate) and use the same chemical principles Senefelder had discovered back then.

The method utilizes the basis that oil, and water do not mix together. The image is painted with a fat or oil-based medium on limestone or a metal plate. Printing ink based on oils is then rolled over the surface of the stone. After this, the paper is pressed onto the inky stone.

Lithography is a lot about enjoying the intensive fun of drawing onto the special limestone with oily crayons. This is followed by scratching and scraping into the image until hopefully something beautiful is achieved. 

All images are created and done by me, the artist. I do not use other sources to do the work for me.

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