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Introducing the Artist

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Bill Knowles is a member of both the PGA of Germany and the British association. He has been an extremely busy Teaching Professional for a total of 45 years. 
Under the tutelage of his two mentors, Bernard Cooke in Great Britain and Irv Schloss of Dunedin Florida, he gained both a strong coaching reputation and an international name as a clubmaker.
After leaving Abridge golf club in England for Germany he has worked in Soltau, Celle, and Hanover Garbsen. 

He can now be found working in Burgdorf, Hanover, where he has been for the last ten years since.

Bill has coached three German champions - two from the beginner's stage. He is a certified advanced clubmaker with 40 years of experience, now only specializing in Hickory. 
From a family of artists, he has always painted but only took up serious art twenty years ago, focusing on representing the golf swing. 

"The memories of Pymmes Park 50 years ago and my first golf shot are still as vivid as if they were yesterday.

It was one of the many par 3 pitch and putt courses existing in those days where you could rent two clubs, a ball, and just fire away. The shot was a tricky 60 meter shot to an extremely small, badly maintained green. I hit the green without knowing this was the beginning of a love affair that would continue with a deep intensity until this very day.

Only one other interest could distract my attention from golf over the following years and would only happen when I had a pencil in my hand- art. Art has always been part of my life, as a large family of creative and artistic parents, cousins, and uncles it`s only natural to want to create."

In the last 3 years Bill has extended his golf art by introducing etchings, lithography and screenprints. He is also creating short videos of golf swing sketch analyses that you can watch on his blog 'The swing through time'.

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