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A swing before its time-Johnny Rogers

Before their time 1

Johnny Rogers was one of the many 1920-1930s players who had to deal with the changeover from hickory to steel shafts, making the dynamics in his swing even more remarkable.

Johnny was known as the "king of swat" amongst his contemporaries, as he was one of the longest hitters of the period.

Johnny Rogers was assistant pro to Bobby Jones's teacher- Stewart Maiden.

How much influence Stewart Maiden had on the swing of Rogers is impossible to say, but his powerful forward drive and uncluttered swing are typical qualities of a Maiden pupil.

Although Stewart Maiden was known for using few words when teaching he had a lot of successful pupils.

Alexa Sterling, famous Stewart Maiden pupil - graphite sketch on A4 paper and photograph

The Time Machine-watercolour, charcoal and pen on 200g paper-14x8 inches

Pen sketch on 250g card. "21 x 30cm

The first of a new series on players and teachers that were before their time. See before their time 2- A.J.Lacy-power hitter

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