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Johnny Miller in swing

A story of timing

Any teenage golfer who lived through the early 1970`s will have been influenced by a youthful Johnny Miller. I certainly was. Johnny literally stomped his way to success by using an abbreviated left knee action that he will now always be remembered for.

...and it would so often be another battle with Tom Weiskopf, who was also at the top of his game in this period

Sweet swinging Tom and a young dynamic Johnny had many hard fought battles

Johnny burnt out fairly quickly.

He had given the public six years of

amazing golf. His long battle with

the putter had worn him down. He

wanted to have more time with his family.

He had done it all.

This is the 1973 scorecard that records one of the most famous closing rounds in golfing history. Playing on one of the toughest courses in the world and trailing by 6 shots to the leaders, including Palmer and Nicklaus, Miller just swept everybody aside to put his name into the record books forever.

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