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Moe Norman on paper

Moe Norman considered the grip to be the most important of all swing fundamentals. Unlike many of the analyses of Moe`s swing I am of the opinion most of the mechanics Moe used were conforming. This short film is the first of three that will cover the thoughts Moe practiced in his movement.

All the film material used in this featurette has been made in 1969, when Irv Schloss of Dunedin, Florida recorded the swing of Moe. Moe Norman often travelled down for the warmer climate to practice and continue his love affair with hitting golf balls, and while there Moe would often visit Irv Schloss, and occasionally take a lesson. Much of the discussion would revolve around the mental aspects of the game, with Irv being a big advocate of Hornell Hart and a practice called Autoconditioning, ( a system which enhanced a personal feeling of well being and joy).

Screen print 35 x 70 cm

The glory of the finish

"I swing through the ball, not at it."

The repeating swing

Moe Norman.

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