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Seve- a short film about a champion.

The young master and his natural way of learning

This film celebrates the genius of Severiano Ballesteros.

From child to teenager

Seve`s way of learning:

One club (a 3 iron). Constant tough competition against his older brothers.

Making his own golf course in the sand dunes of a beach.

Inventing shots wherever needed.

At least a thousand balls a day

A dreamer and a fighter

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It was fate that brought Seve to golf. He was a natural fighter, a brave warrior who left the world far too early.

Independent and tough from a young age, even in early youth Seve knew it was his destiny to be a champion.

From the farm to the golf course

With the milking of the cows at dawn and the daily chores, Seve was introduced to strict discipline from only five years old. You can have as much creativity as you like, without discipline, it will be nothing.

Various trajectories that a ten year old Seve can play with his 3 iron

The young Seve built his creativity up by simply hitting shots. Shaping and flighting the ball would have been enhanced with only having one club to work with. Should our children be limited to just three clubs before they reach ten years old?

"Those who can, do. Those who can`t, teach

If you teach a man anything he will never learn.

Experience can never teach where there is no desire to learn."

George Bernard Shaw.

True learning is introspective. The sensory development follows. Seve may have been influenced by his brothers but his growth was intrinsic. Only in this way can you be your own person. As Tiger Woods said, "only two people have owned their own swings, Moe Norman and Ben Hogan."

Seve swing-watercolour pencil on 350g art paper paper

Seve`s early tour swing was energetic and youthfully uninhibited. It would have needed a little "tightening-up" to add greater consistency.

It is unfortunate he decided to use teachers rather than find his own solutions.


Ramön Sota, Spanish and Portuguese champion several times. He also won the Dutch and Italian opens.

Ramon Sota was to Seve what Stewart Maiden was to Bobby Jones, a visual coach.

Even natural golfers need visual food in the form of an expert performer with a great rhythm.

Seve would watch his uncle Ramon hit thousands of balls on the driving range of the Real Golf de Pedreña, the club Seve grew up on as a caddy.

"The path of a champion"-acrylic and mixed media on thick card. 50cm x 80cm

As with all great players, in practice, every shot counts. The target is "crammed" into the subconscious. Every movement Seve made was related to that fact.

There will never be another Seve. "Champion"-Acrylic on canvas. 100 x 140cm

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Seve 2 will be coming in February next year

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