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Sketch stories

The sketch series is a new addition to the website. Like everything else on here, it will grow and grow.

Ben Hogan-Focus

Much is made of the Hogan mechanics, even though it was his ability to concentrate that created those mechanics.

Rory 1- The greatest driver of all time.

Rory is the best example you will find for making the ball unimportant.

Rory 2-Extension

Many golfers carry one major swing thought throughout their lives. Players of the caliber of Rory Mcllroy are no exceptions. Rory will tell you that a wide and direct path away from the ball as he makes the backswing was his most important thought since childhood.

Jack Nicklaus-knee slide

Whether it was an experiment or a movement that was caused by injury is a little unclear. The knee action that the greatest golfer of all time used in the late seventies and early eighties was not the one used throughout the rest of his career.

Lee Trevino- Perfect motion

One of the greatest players of all time carried the label of ugly swing for most of his career. In fact, Lee Trevino had a perfect motion with a few of his own individual touches.

Laura Davies-Natural swing

Laura Davies was a complete natural athlete. In her early teen years, she was playing school team football with the boys and netball with the girls. As so often with successful girls her greatest opposition was her brother.

Taking up golf seriously after 13 years old helped reduce her handicap from the late twenties to scratch in two years.

Dustin Johnson 1-clawed backswing

In a number of interviews, Dustin has shown he has a great attitude to his golf game. Happy just to be playing his best and not dwelling on mistakes he is able to play in a natural and positive atmosphere.

Ernie Els-shoulder rotation

Ernie Els's follow-through is dominated by the return of the shoulders. He shows little interest in the ball as the energy is passed from his turning shoulders, outward through his arms, and lastly into the shaft of his club.

To an onlooker, it appears to be smooth and effortless.

Lin Xiyu-The Chinese golf game.

A form of golf in China goes back at least a thousand years. Chui Wan was a favorite of the Noble and elite in the Song Dynasty. The game played to similar rules as the Scottish game, but a typical length of 50yards for a hole made it far less difficult.

Xiyu Lin wrote her name into the history books when she became the first Chinese mainland player to win a national championship in the country – the Macalline Women's Open in Xiamen, China.

Find stories like this and more in my book The History of the Golf Swing, an artistic exploration of golf dynamics throughout history. Full of illustrations, paintings and photographs, this book is the perfect gift for those who wish to understand the evolution of this riveting sport.

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