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The Bauer Sister

When life magazine did a six-page article featuring Alice and Marlene Bauer on March 20, 1950, the world became aware of the talents of two sisters who lived and played golf in Midland, Texas U.S.A.

The short film animates two of the most extraordinary swings ever seen on the Ladies PGA Tour.

Brothers and sisters competing and playing against each other at the highest level is nothing unusual in the history of golf. The Park family in the late nineteenth century, Harry and Tom Vardon, the Leitch sisters, Joyce and Roger Wethered, the Italian Turnesa brothers, the list goes on and is long and illustrious. So the growth and development of the two sisters in the 1940s is not a major milestone.

What set the two Bauer sisters apart from the past was the serious marketing and promotion campaign that followed them. Before they joined the fledgling ladies' PGA tour in 1950 they were already a household name.

Father and golf teacher Dave Bauer nurtured the two girls' talents to the maximum. By using their attractive figures and good looks along with golfing talent, he was able to attract a lot of local and eventually national interest.

The two girls possessed another characteristic that helped them stand out from the standard, with both using extremely long backswings to hit the ball as far as possible.

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