The last hole-Tony Jacklin`s inside battle at Lytham in 1969

An artists impression of the moment Tony Jacklin won the Open championship

17th green to 18th tee. "At this moment everything was a blur." 70x100cm

Lytham 1969-18th tee. Standing on the last tee with two shots in hand on his playing partner Bob Charles, Tony Jacklin was just a short, agonizing step from becoming Open Champion. He had to gather his thoughts together, relax and channel them into a pure swing.

His main focus for the last two years had been on finding a repeatable tempo. It is probably no coincidence that he had been influenced by his two friends and fellow USPGA Tour competitors Bert Yancy and Tom Weiskopf. These were two of the great exponents of smooth and effortless swings that oozed flow and rhythm.

Bert Yancy, friend, and fellow competitor.

Yancy won seven times on the PGA Tour and later joined the Senior PGA Tour. His swing was known for its rhythm and balance ( see blogs). At his best Yancy was a very impressive ball striker.

A chronic illness reduced both the quality and length of his career.