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The last hole stories 2-when an accident becomes the biggest story.


"Following Tony Jacklin`s inside battle at Lytham is the second of the last hole series.

Mr. Lu (Lu Liang-Huan) and the 18th hole at Birkdale on the last day.

Fifty-one years ago in 1971, a small man from Taiwan named Lu Liang-Huan, known affectionately as Mr. Lu made himself a part of golfing history. Not because he had won a major event (even though he was very close), but more because of his captivating friendly smile and charming demeanor.

It was to be an accident close to the Tournament's end that would become the definitive moment of the whole week and leave us with an unforgettable drama to always associate itself with the event. So it was in 1971 as the final heartbeats of the British Open championship in North West England

came to rest. 1971-Another memorable shot played in the same year was the Alan Shepard six iron hit off the dusty surface of the moon (click on the link for this story).

The Tournament

The `clawed` backswing of Trevino in 1971

It was to be Lee Trevino`s title that year. With a score of 278, Trevino was six under par, just one shot ahead of the little Formosan Lu Liang-Huan who had chased him relentlessly throughout the four Tournament days.

Lee Trevino-king of the faders

Although the four days had been mostly focused on what seemed to be a three-horse race between Trevino, Mr. Lu, and Tony Jacklin, the final day lit up when a